3 Reasons Why Netflix Is Turning Into A Pornographic Website

The mention of porn instills fear in teenagers, excitement in newlywed couples, and relief in older adults. Pornographic websites like PornHub, and the like get all the views in the incognito mode. Only in the OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, and the like, pornographic scenes gets complete coverage. And no views in the incognito mode.

Does that mean the non-censorship of OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hotstar gives complete freedom and coverage to porn-lovers?

Does the teenager who feared watching porn enjoys lurking through the walls of Netflix for newer sexual positions and romantic scenes?

What about the newlywed couple who brought magic between their sheets because of a newly launched Netflix web series?

Forget about them, now imagine about the older adults. Sex never died for them. It just went away slowly and disappeared into the woods.

Older adults find solace in Netflix because it wears no clothes to cover its shame and no eyes to cover its mistakes.


Three reasons why Netflix is the new pornographic website for viewers–

  1. Shows like Money Heist, Outlander, and The Witcher display nudity like they display a deserted island. Every sex scene depicts ACTUAL SEX. For viewers, it gets difficult to avoid an erection or getting wet. Though the thrill of web series lies elsewhere, the whole focus of the crowd goes to the sex scene that steals the show.
  2. Movies like 365 Days, Love, Basic Instinct, and White Girl are next-level or soft-core pornographic movies. They possess all the scenes of a porn video, not including the part where they actually focus on the story and leave the pornographic content aside.
  3. There isn’t a single show or movie on Netflix that doesn’t possess a steamy sex scene waiting to get exposed. Each movie/ show on Netflix has an ulterior motive, feeling, or emotion that revolves around the sexual sphere. Everything begins, focuses, and ends at a sexual scene on Netflix.

There is no doubt about Netflix transforming itself into a wanking material, just like any other pornographic website. For some people who only watch TV having censored viewership and parental guidelines, Netflix is a faraway dream. But for those people, who cannot do without watching porn or experience next-level fantasies, Netflix is an achievable dream-come-true.

If at all, you are one of them, you can always learn to hide the title of an adult movie on Netflix from your watch history. To do so, you can go to the CONTINUE WATCHING list and click on the three dots. After that, you can select the option of REMOVE FROM ROW. This way, your secret stays and dies a secret!

Netflix is turning into a pornographic website for every soul on earth who has its membership. There is no saying otherwise to that fact. Just that, the movies and shows on Netflix have in-depth meanings, teachings, learnings, and motives that you cannot deny to notice. So, watching porn on Netflix is certainly not a crime.