5 Reasons You Miss Money Heist Season 5 More Than Ever

Money heist – Serial of the century.

A serial never thought before.

A serial never made before.

One such show that has stolen millions of hearts and left each heart wanting for more.

Season 1 was about the introductory team. Season 2 about how to carry out a heist. Season 3 about the loss of a loved one. Season 4 about one true love. What more could you ask? Well, season 5 is yet another attempt at noble robbery.

Five reasons why you miss money heist season 5 more than ever –

  1. You want to know what happens to the love story of professor and Lisbon.

The cat and mouse chase that blossomed into a love story became the viewer’s favorite couple to watch on screen. But the season 4 left the viewers in surprise and shock after professor and Lisbon got separated. At the end of season 4, the other team players of the professor manage to find Lisbon. But they have no idea if the professor can make it safe from the clutches of the new investigator.

  1. What if the new investigator wins the battle against the professor?

 It will mark the end of the professor. The end of money heist. The end of every team player who lived an ordinary life but wanted to achieve something extraordinary in life. For the first time on the OTT platform, the viewers support the thieves more than the police.

It is so this time because the thieves are not harming anyone.

They are only copying money for themselves.

It doesn’t hurt anybody in the process.

  1. Does the professor submit himself to the new investigator?

Like the professor submitted himself to Lisbon, does he repeat the same here as well? Back then, he had not planned about falling in love. Nobody does plan about falling in love, but it happened for the first time for the professor. This time, if he submits to the new investigator, she will not only kill him to pieces. But also, watch his team players deserve the same painful death. The waiting period for season 5 is keeping everybody on their toes. The viewers don’t know what the writers and makers of the show money heist have in store for them.

  1. How does the professor manage to escape?

 Getting caught and escaping after getting caught by the police officers is a usual thing for the professor. Viewers are patiently waiting for season 5. To know how the professor will plan to escape from the tight clutches of the new investigator. Or the alligator. Should we call her an alligator?

  1. Where is the professor’s next heist?

 Season 5 cannot be about the submission of the professor and the end of the money heist. Money heist is about copying money from the elite banks of the world. For the sake of satisfaction and betterment of the team players. Professor has a mind-blowing plan for season 5.

Viewers cannot wait enough to know it.

Some say season 5 will come in September 2021.

Some say it has ten episodes.

Do you know?